Staff Profiles

Hal Jacobson

Senior International Business Advisor

Hal participated in the formation of the International Trade Program (ITP) in early 1989, which was then located at the World Trade Center. The mission of the ITP at its inception was to offer export and import counseling services to all manufacturers of goods and services located in the 49 counties of North Texas, as well as individuals seeking to become involved in the industry. Since then, the mission and scope of the ITP has grown immensely and Hal, as the programs’ Senior Consultant, has participated in the direction of this growth.

Hal’s career in international trade began in 1941 with the Quaker Oats Company where, except for a three year stint with the US Army Air Corps, became involved in every facet of exporting. His experience included sales, marketing and logistic activities initially in Latin America and then expanded to the Pacific Rim countries, the Middle East and Europe. Hal worked in approximately 100 countries worldwide with varied product lines as bakery flour; poultry and animal feedstuffs; and of course a broad line of grocery brands. Eventually, Hal became very much involved in the management direction of four wholly owned subsidiaries. He retired as Vice President of International Operations.

After retirement from the Quaker Oats Company, Hal became involved as a consultant in international trade and two major clients were The Ekco Housewares Company and Edward Don & Company. Hal introduced Don to exporting and in a few years brought sales to the annual multi-million dollar level. Ekco, while already exporting, was repositioned and sales doubled overnight. After this second retirement, Hal relocated to Dallas and that brings him to the formation of the International Trade Program.

Hal’s hobbies and interests are essentially world history, geo-politics and anything relating to international trade.

Direct Line: 214.860.5836

Ivan van Havre

Certified Global Business Advisor

Ivan is responsible for counseling businesses interested in exporting or becoming exporters focusing in European markets. He completed his Bachelors degree in Madrid, Spain and dual Master degrees in Organization Behavior and Industrial Management from the University of Dallas, Texas. Ivan has worked in Belgium and in Dallas in the relocation and transportation business. He is fluent in French and Dutch, with notion of Spanish and German.

Direct Line: 214.860.5876